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A comprehensive look at the new watches for 2020

Every year since 1939, Rolex has unveiled new watches at Baselworld, the international jewellery and watch fair. However, due to the New Crown epidemic, the show was postponed and Rolex decided to withdraw from this year’s edition.

With questions such as “Is Rolex not launching a new watch in 2020?” The new watch was finally launched on the Rolex website on 1 September 2020. Previously Rolex had only released a selection of models on the official website, such as the Deepsea, D-BLUE and so on. But this special launch was the first time Rolex released a full range on the official website,fake rolex watches which was unexpected.

Before the launch, the teaser animation released by Rolex caused a heated debate online, with speculation from all watch enthusiasts. As most people expected, Rolex launched the new generation of Aquatimer. In addition to this, the Oyster Perpetual has been updated, the Admiral (Skywalker) is equipped with an Oysterflex rubber strap, and so on. It is fair to say that the new 2020 model is full of charms.

Today, Jack Road, one of the leading parallel watch boutiques in Japan, presents a selection of the latest developments in Rolex watches, while we explain the future direction of Rolex watches hidden in the new creations.

The first generation of the Green Ghost, released in 2003 for the 50th anniversary of the Submariner collection, has been available as a regular model since the second generation of the Green Ghost (Ref. 116610LV).
The Green Sailor is the high-end model of the Submariner collection. While the previous model, Ref. 116610LV, had a green dial, the Ref. 126610LV starts to change from green to black, with a more traditional colour scheme overall.
With a power reserve of 70 hours, it is powered by the calibre 3235, which was first introduced.

In 1965, the Blackwater Calendar model was launched as a high-end model. The practicality of this model was greatly enhanced by the inclusion of a calendar and the style of the watch was suitable for business occasions, making this diving watch a popular model.
As a high-end model, the new generation of Blackwater is equipped with the Cal.3235 movement, which offers even greater precision and durability. In addition, the power reserve has been extended to 70 hours from the previous 48 hours.

The case size has increased since 1959, from 40mm to 41mm. Despite the increase in diameter, there is little difference when worn and the dress code feels just as good.

The Blackwater is a pioneering model of the stylish diving watch that appeared in 1953, with the Oyster Perpetual unidirectional rotating bezel and indexes forming the basis of the diving watch.

The predecessor, Ref. 114060, was introduced in 2012, eight years after the Submariner model completed an upgrade. The Aquatimer, also known as the Calendar-less model, which is not equipped with a calendar function, continues the Submariner collection that has been in place since 1953.

The non-calendered Ghost is reborn with the idea of “continuing the Rolex tradition” of the Aquatimer,buy replica watches so at first glance it is difficult to distinguish it from the Ref. 114060.

Born again in a new era, the 70-hour power reserve brings a lot of convenience in everyday life. The change from the original 48 hours to 70 hours, without the need to adjust the time on Mondays even when not worn on weekends, is a major step forward in Rolex’s history.

A basic model that combines both the Rolex Oyster and the constant movement. A timeless model with a long history, since its production in the 1930s.

The new Rolex 2020 model is a somewhat unexpected new design, available in different sizes of 41mm, 36mm and 34mm.

Like the aforementioned Aquatimer, the Oyster Perpetual is loaded with the new calibre cal.3230, which has a 70-hour power reserve.

The design is reminiscent of the colourful dials sold to the Middle East in the 1970s, and the vivid colours and magnificence of the dial should further expand the consumer base.

The red dial on this model is a reddish orange symbol of coral,Replica Rolex Watches a colour that Rolex has never introduced before, giving it a different kind of charm.